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Key points
As an OERu course, learners are not required to purchase any prescribed texts. All study materials are available as open educational resources or open access publications and are grouped as follows:

Study materials used in this course

  • Course guide: You are reading this. Your course guide introduces you to the course and includes the Study Schedule. It also contains assignment guidelines together with the marking rubrics for each assignment should you wish to complete the assessment requirements for the course.
  • StudyDesk – The StudyDesk is the primary website you select for accessing your course materials. The StudyDesk website may be prescribed by the OERu institution you select for assessment services.
The StudyDesk websites contain all of the Units you are to study each week, and the e-learning activities guiding you to select the substantial content of the course using Open Educational Resources online. Please refer to the individual Units and assigned e-learning activities for further information.

All required materials for this course will be provided on the Course Study Desk. Other materials will need to be accessed through Open Educational Resources online.

Reference Materials

Reference materials are materials that, if accessed by students, may improve their knowledge and understanding of the material in the course and enrich their learning experience.

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Web resources

Students may also want to search for books at the following websites:

The following titles are Open Access Books available online.

Open Access Online Journals

The following Open Access Online Journals are all searchable at the article level. Students can also browse for articles or other open access journals through the Directory of Open Access Journals