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Open teaching refers to:
  • Asynchronous delivery approaches building on the research and experience of open distance learning
  • Independent study learning materials which incorporate scalable
    • student-content interactions
    • Simulated student-teacher interactions (used in distance teaching pedagogies).

Issues, questions and suggestions

  • Social media digital literacy skills will be a prerequisite requirement for successful learning in this environment. Consequently, the initiative will need to provide the necessary support resources to acquire these skills. See Open student support.
  • We are also required to identify and list Open Teaching skill sets and subsequently launch an Open Teachers Training initiative ---Anil Prasad 04:58, 12 January 2011 (UTC)
  • key issue is to put the student at the centre.
  • Use key resources - many example are available and are of quality, eg Noodle tools,http://www.noodletools.com/ Intute, DOAJ, http://www.doaj.org/ TED, http://www.ted.com/ many of the resources on these sites are more current and up to date than some traditional resources
  • Use of aggregators which provides quality materials that are useable
  • Frame the learning activities around the resources to develop engagement, by embedding the tools and resources into the curriculum
  • students find resources - they can discuss these in open fora, can use a variety of methodologies such as PBL WBL, Case study.
  • Train students how to use resources
  • develop faculty in how to use resources and design around these.
  • Use of Post Grad students to develop resources
  • Discovery learning - where students through tools discover learning resources and material, engagement can be designed through wiki's
  • The use of e-portfolios




Key performance indicators