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Open student support refers to:
  • Support resources for prerequisite social media literacy skills to participate meaningfully in open learning environments.
  • Those services which contribute to learner success in open learning systems, including:
    • Student-student interactions
    • Student-tutor interactions
  • Designing scalable and affordable solutions, for example:
    • Peer-to-peer student support utilising social media technologies
    • Volunteer student support systems designed in collaboration with community service learning initiatives at formal institutions (for example senior students providing support in return for community service credits.)

Issues, questions and suggestions

  • how do we ensure quality student engagement? can volunteers do this?
  • seems like this is a lot of work for volunteers, even if it is 'just' facilitating learning
  • can volunteers adequately support a potentially very wide range of students - background, culture, educational level, etc, etc
  • does this encompass teaching/tutoring support as well as learning support such as using a library, study skills, writing essays?
  • can volunteers adequately guide the learning, do summative assessment?
  • where will volunteers come from? the institute that will do the qualification conferment?
  • much open student support will have to come from peer-learning



  • OERs for social media literacy: Activity to develop independent study resources to support learners in acquiring the social media literacy skills needed for success in open learning environments.


Key performance indicators