Australian OERu 14.04 partner meeting

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Meeting details
  • Date:11 April 2014
  • Time 9.00 am to 4.30pm
  • Venue: Charles Sturt University, in Sydney Olympic Park, Quad 3, Level 1, 102 Bennelong Pkw.(Download map here).
  • Directions and logistics: The venue is close to a train station (approximately half an hour from Central Station). From the airport to Sydney Olympic Park is between 46 minutes and an hour depending on connections and time of day). For participants coming the night before there is a Novotel close by. We can organise a dinner the night before if there are enough of us.
  • Convener: Prof Sandra Wills, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Student Learning), Charles Sturt University

Aims of the meetup

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  • To determine OERu course contributions from the Australian partners and how these contribute to building the OERu programme of study
  • To identify opportunities for OERu partner collaboration
  • To understand how the OERu planning model functions to promote active partner engagement in the OERu planning activities
  • To review examples of completed OERu courses to inform design decisions for new OERu developments
  • To appreciate the rationale underpinning technology decisions of the OERu network and how to maximise reuse of OERu courses on campus.

Who should attend?

  • Decision-makers or individuals who can progress approvals for course nominations
  • Authors / designers of courses already approved locally for OERu development
  • Technologists with knowledge of stylesheets, wikis and delivery/web publishing platforms
  • OERu thought leaders from our Australian partners
  • Individuals from prospective OERu partners thinking about joining the network.

Confirmed list of attendees

Please add your name below:

  1. Sandra Wills, CSU
  2. Carina Bossu, UTAS
  3. Natalie Brown, UTAS
  4. Luke Padgett, UTAS
  5. Sarah Lambert, UOW
  6. Wayne Mackintosh, OER Foundation
  7. David Bull, USQ
  8. Timothy McCallum, USQ
  9. Judy O'Connel, CSU
  10. John Supple, Federation University Australia
  11. Tim Klapdor, CSU
  12. Lynnette Flynn, CSU
  13. Allyn Radford, DeakinDigital, Deakin University
  14. Ken Udas, USQ
  15. Harriet Ridolfo, CSU
  16. Peter Pocock, CSU
  17. Philip Uys, CSU
  18. Jonathon Howard, CSU
  19. Narelle Patton, CSU
  20. Marian Tulloch, CSU