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3. The OERU initiative needs a project plan.

The OERU project plan will take each element of the logic model and define activities (sub-projects) required to move that part of the initiative forward. Activities will need short term objectives, some key performance indicators, and a set of milestones on a timeline. If any of you have a particular interest in the project plan overall or are interested in working on a particular aspect of the logic model Wayne is looking for people/institutions to lead or collaborate on these activities.

...OERU initiative project planning

Core initiatives of the logic model

original : http://wikieducator.org/OER_university#Core_initiatives_of_the_logic_model

To facilitate planning and coordination across national boundaries, the project is subdivided into a number of initiatives. Each initiative may include a number of activities, with corresponding inputs, outputs and initiative outcomes ultimately contributing to the implementation of an OER university. These are summarised on the respective initiative pages listed below.

The logic model aims to be sufficiently robust to accommodate the requirements for credible certification within the formal education sector so learners and society will have confidence in the qualifications but flexible enough to leverage the potential OER offers for re-use and re-purposing for local learning contexts.

OER university network initiatives

The OER university network comprises registered education institutions, foundations, government and international agencies and the corporate sector who collaborate on the following initiatives:

Education institution initiatives

OER support infrastructure

The OER support infrastructure components are cross-cutting initiatives required to support the OER university network as well as the relevant initiatives within formal education institutions.