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Issues, questions and suggestions

  • still a digital divide
    • connectivity issues, for example Internet penetration of only 4% in the Pacific
    • mobile 3G penetration
  • community access
    • telecenters for shared access
    • what business model?
    • subsidies?
  • seamless provision of resources
    • institutional controls (ex: video: forms required, particular formats)
  • identity and access management
    • across resources
    • across assessments?
  • avoid falling into trap of computerizing existing manual processes
  • cost
  • offline copies
    • lack of engagement
    • problems with interactivity
  • security concerns?
  • versioning
    • branches
    • quality assured versions
  • formats
    • staying "current"
  • freshness of resources, culling outdated
  • communications technologies
    • mailing lists
    • synchronous... video, conferences
    • connectivity problems across systems
  • leverage existing infrastructure and practices where practicable
    • eg UCLA's Public/Private patch to selectively make some Moodle resources and activities open while keeping others private. Gently moves teachers to open practice http://slidesha.re/f5ecqW


Three First Steps

  • Promote and encourage universal access schemes
  • Identity/authentication/access mechanisms
    • institution
    • learner
  • Format neutrality
    • ideal resources available across a range of delivery
    • degrade gracefully
    • support mobile
    • support offline (CD, paper, etc.)

Other Activities

  • improve capacity
    • professional development for teachers
    • make learners aware of options and their actions online
  • author guideline for managing online footprint
  • promote competition in telecom sector
  • encourage and submit telecenters
  • OLPC
    • development
    • deployment
    • teacher buy-in
  • protection policies around personal data


Key performance indicators