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Describe the experiences of people with several types of brain disorders (a stroke patient, a man impaled through the brain, an epileptic whose corpus callosum was severed)

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Throughout this course we will be referring you to readings from the e-textbook "Introduction to Psychology, First Edition" by Charles Stangor, published in 2006 by Flat World Knowledge. You can purchase this book in print on online format from Flat World Publishers.

Read section 3.5 of the Stangor e-textbook. This chapter has had a lot of new and detailed information. It will probably take you longer than many of the other units and you probably will have to re-read at least parts of it several times to really understand it.

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Complete the following in your journal:
  1. Use Stangor’s Section 3.5 to review what you have learned and to decide which parts you must study again.
  2. Complete the MIT practice test, which is found in both Brain I and Brain II:

Note: This test comes from a different textbook, not Stangor, so some of the questions may not be answered in our units. You can always search for answers you don’t know or post a question online for your classmates.