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Course identifiers

Course tag #OERuPSY111
Level 1st Year bachelor's degree
Notional learning hours 30
Enrolment status: Under development Starts: XX November 20XX
End: XXXX 20XX
Original OERu developer Open Polytechnic of New Zealand
Formal assessment services Open Polytechnic of New Zealand

Indicative fee for credentialing: AU$200


Key resources

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Course Description

Inside my head cropped.jpg
Human behaviour can be studied as a laboratory science. In this course students will learn the rudiments of the scientific method used in psychology.

Through exposure to the scientific study of the complexities and at times irrationalities of human behaviour, students will better understand everyday human activities. This purpose will be achieved by giving students a broad grasp of the theories, principles and practices of general psychology.

This course is one of the essential bases for an in depth study of psychology.


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