Neurons and the Nervous System

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Explain the general structure of the human brain, including the location and function of each major area of cerebral cortex

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Throughout this course we will be referring you to readings from the e-textbook "Introduction to Psychology, First Edition" by Charles Stangor, published in 2006 by Flat World Knowledge. You can purchase this book in print on online format from Flat World Publishers.

Read the introduction to chapter 3 of the Stangor e-textbook. As you read, think about this statement from Stangor’s Introduction: “Every behavior begins with biology”. Complete the following in your journal:

  1. Add that statement to your journal and list 5 examples to illustrate its truth
    • Begin with Bolero. Would the artist have composed/painted what he/she did if their biology had been different?
    • Are there examples in your own life where your biological state affected your behavior? Think about: having a high fever, recovering from an anesthetic, missing sleep, flying to different time zones, being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Add some notes about your own experiences to your journal.

Read chapter 3.1 of the Stangor e-textbook.

  1. Learn the names of the different parts of a neuron and be able to label each part on a diagram of a neuron
  2. Understand what happens at a synapse: Read about how neurons communicate and watch the video clip showing an electrical wave moving down an axon and across a synapse.