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Alphabetical list of contributors to the "Why donate?" page

Flag of Samoa.svg Ioana Chan Mow | Flag of New Zealand.svg Robin Day | Flag of United Kingdom.svg Flag of New Zealand.svg Niki Davis | Flag of Malaysia.svg Gajaraj Dhanarajan | Flag of Canada.svg Randy Fisher | Flag of USA.svg Chris Geith | Flag of South Africa.svg Brenda Gourley | Flag of USA.svg Cable Green | Flag of New Zealand.svg Jane Hornibrook | Flag of Nigeria.svg Olugbemiro Jegede | Flag of India.svg Flag of Canada.svg Asha Kanwar | Flag of New Zealand.svg Phil Ker | Flag of Uganda.svg Vincent Kizza | Flag of USA.svg Lisa Petrides | Flag of Canada.svg David Porter | Flag of New Zealand.svg Flag of South Africa.svg Wayne Mackintosh | Flag of Kenya.svg Elizabeth Mbasu | Flag of USA.svg Declan McCabe | Flag of Canada.svg Rory McGreal | Flag of India.svg Sanjay Kumar Pandagale | Flag of India.svg Savithri Singh | Flag of South Africa 22x15.svg Reside in CH Kim Tucker | Flag of Australia.svg Belinda Tynan | Flag of USA.svg Ken Udas

Phil Ker.jpg
Phil Ker M.Ed.

Flag of New Zealand.svg
"An Open Education Resource (OER) is a sustainable and renewable resource. At Otago Polytechnic we have made a strategic commitment to sustainable education and have adopted an intellectual property policy supporting open education. We invite you to share our journey in achieving your objectives through OER."
(Chief Executive, Otago Polytechic, New Zealand)
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Savithri Singh Ph.D.

Flag of India.svg
"WikiEducator made such a difference in my life, it's unbelievable! Somewhere I think I was searching for something when WikiEducator happened - and I took to it and the free culture like duck to water. It fitted in so well with what I was doing then - collaborative writing. My inner urge to share knowledge got fulfilled using this platform. If you want to make a difference in this world, if you want to touch lives, if you believe educational content should not be in shackles, then you would find great satisfaction in supporting the WikiEducator! "
(Principal of Acharya Narendra Dev College, University of Delhi, India and Deputy Chair of the WikiEducator Community Council)
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Rory sign COED.jpg
Rory McGreal Ph.D.

Flag of Canada.svg
"In education, we must go forward. Restrictive copyright laws can best be addressed by supporting open and collaborative approaches to the creation of learning content."
(Prof. McGreal is Associate Vice President, Research at Athabasca University and member of the OER Foundation's Board of Directors)
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Asha Kanwar.jpg
Asha Kanwar Ph.D.

Flag of India.svg Flag of Canada.svg
"Bringing people together for face to face training is a very expensive approach. — WikiEducator allows us to train large numbers of people wherever they are to develop OERs collaboratively. WikiEducator achieves two objectives: capacity development and open content creation. Investing in people and free content is the only way to make "learning for development" sustainable. Your support helps WikiEducator reach the hitherto unreached".
(Prof. Kanwar, Vice President of the Commonwealth of Learning)
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R Day Signing COED S.JPG
Robin Day Ph.D.

Flag of New Zealand.svg
"In education, we shouldn't lead from behind. The OER Foundation is an open collaboration and we invite all education institutions to join us in this exciting endeavour which will produce tangible returns for all involved."
(Chair, OER Foundation Board of Directors and Deputy Chief Executive, Otago Polytechnic, New Zealand)
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Olugbemiro Jegede Ph.D.

Flag of Nigeria.svg
"The best legacy one can give to humanity is knowledge, knowledge that is of most worth and which is disseminated freely through OER -- without any barriers as to source, mode, financial and other limitations."
(Prof. Olugbemiro Jegede, Vice Chancellor and Chief Executive of the National Open University of Nigeria)
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Brenda Gourley.jpg
Brenda Gourley Ph.D.

Flag of South Africa.svg Flag of United Kingdom.svg
"To have reached the stage where we are technically able to share knowledge and enhance education right across the world is a wonderful thing. This sharing, however, cannot be done at zero cost. Suitable, web-ready material needs to be adapted, designed and paid for by somebody. The costs are extraordinarily modest by the standards used before OER and the benefits beyond imagination. In these days of scarce resources we cannot let the enormous potential of an excellent OER venture like WikiEducator to founder on the rocks of under-funding. I would hope that those who can give (however modestly) are fired by its importance and far-reaching effects - and give generously."
(Prof Brenda Gourley, former Vice Chancellor, Open University, United Kingdom)
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Chris Geith Ph.D.

Flag of USA.svg
"Open Educational Resources and communities like WikiEducator help us create important changes in education that open up access for all and create sustainable collective action - more than we can do alone as individual innovators. "
(Dr. Christine Geith is Assistant Provost and Executive Director of Michigan State University's MSUglobal, and member of the WikiEducator Community Council)
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Ken-Udas UMASS.jpg
Ken Udas Ph.D.

Flag of USA.svg
"Openness helps us all to liberate our impulse to collaborate. While OER speaks directly to those of us who serve as educators, enhancing creativity for learners and faculty, it also speaks to the sustainability of our organizations, and relevance for our professions. WikiEducator is helping to model the community we want to become."
(Dr. Ken Udas, Chief Executive Officer, UMassOnline, University of Massachusetts, and member of the WikiEducator Community Council)
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Randy Fisher MA (OMD)

Flag of Canada.svg
"Whether you're a newbie or digital native, WikiEducator provides an incredibly useful community of support to learn new skills and technologies, develop open education materials that can be shared, re-used and remixed, and build strong and meaningful connections with educators around the globe. It's been a life-changing experience!"
(a.k.a WikiRandy. WikiEducator Community Council member and Senior Consultant, Organization Development and Capacity-Building.)
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Gajaraj dhanarajan.png
Gajaraj Dhanarajan Ph.D.

Flag of Malaysia.svg
"Access to learning and acquisition of knowledge should be freely available to all humanity. Any and every effort to realise this vision must be welcomed and enthusiastically supported by all. Wikieducator's Open Educational Resource Foundation is one such tremendously clever effort bringing together and distributing freely, learning resources by using new technologies and pedagogies."
(Tan Sri Dato’ Emeritus Prof. Gajaraj Dhanarajan, Hon. Director, Institute for Research and Innovation and founding Vice Chancellor of Wawasan Open University, Malaysia)
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Ioana Chan Mow PCF5.jpg
Ioana Chan Mow Ph.D.

Flag of Samoa.svg
"This is a great opportunity for the National University of Samoa, Faculty or Department to join the OER Foundation as an FTE4WikiEducator member to build OER expertise through international sponsorships. This will help us to achieve the objectives of small island states in the Pacific region through open content and is the only feasible way forward."
(Dean of Science, National University of Samoa and Member of the WikiEducator Community Council)
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Cable Green Ph.D.

Flag of USA.svg
"We have a problem. Higher education is in the business of learning and we are not yet effectively leveraging digital, global networks of knowledge and people. WikiEducator, the OER Foundation and other like-minded open efforts help us to share openly licensed content globally. Further, the OER Foundation pushes us to think and act openly … and not to hold on too tight to our individual open projects."
(Dr. Cable Green is Director of eLearning & Open Education at the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges and directs the Open Course Library.)
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David Porter M.Ed.

Flag of Canada.svg
"What better way is there to ensure a more collaborative and constructive future for our children than to invest in bringing knowledge and ideas to learners using global networks that touch everyone. Initiatives such as WikiEducator and the OER Foundation are demonstrating the power of open educational resources to expand access to knowledge. These initiatives need sustaining funds to help them achieve a lasting presence on a world stage."
(David Porter is Executive Director, BCcampus, Canada.)
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Lisa Petrides-s.jpg
Lisa Petrides Ph.D.

Flag of USA.svg
"There are few things more important in education right now than free and open access to learning for all people. The foundation of true open source learning includes not only access, but the ability to use, share, and adapt Open Education Resources (OER) among educators around the globe."
(Dr Lisa Petrides, president of the Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education (IKSME) leads OER Commons an an open source network that provides opportunities for OER sharing and collaboration among K-20 educators internationally.)
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UC Niki in Otakaro 205 on chair1.JPG
Niki Davis Ph.D.

Flag of United Kingdom.svg Flag of New Zealand.svg
"The WikiEducator community is already starting to make a difference in education. It supports teachers and teacher educators to model to their students a way to contribute to society – and we want to support many more to develop and share their practice. I am delighted to be working with WikiEducator within my online courses and projects to develop these new approaches with communities of teachers and teacher educators in New Zealand and around the world."
(Prof Niki Davis, Professor of of E-Learning, University of Canterbury, New Zealand.)
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Kim Tucker M.Sc.

Flag of South Africa 22x15.svg Reside in CH

"In tune with the "Libre Communities" vision
"Knowledge for all, freedom to learn, towards collective wisdom"
WikiEducator enables people to empower themselves with knowledge - for a better life, for a sustainable world."

(Catalyst and WikiEducator Community Council Member)
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Sanjay Kumar Pandagale M. A., M. Ed.

Flag of India.svg
"In May 2008, I was in Brunei Darussalem to attend UNESCO's workshop on ICT. My friend Prof. V D Bhat told me about WikiEducator. After coming back to India, just for fun, I opened an account in WikiEducator. Within short span of time, I realized that, it is the same platform for which I was looking for. I became crazy about it and developed lot of content of my interest. I promoted it in my friends and students. Really it's very good forum for collaborative work."
(Asst. Professor in Education in Regional Institute of Education, NCERT, Bhopal, India)
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VIncent Kizza Gifting.jpg
Vincent Kizza M.Sc.

Flag of Uganda.svg
"In Uganda we find that Wikieducator is not just limited to open educational resources. It also draws upon open technologies that facilitate collaborative, flexible learning and the open sharing of teaching practices in our schools. These have empowered many of our educators to benefit from the best ideas of their colleagues. Our vision for WikiEducator is to grow and include new approaches to assessment, accreditation and open text books."
(Senior Trainer, Secondary Science and Mathematics Teachers, Ministry of Education, Uganda and WikiEducator Community Council Member)
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Jane Hornibrook profle pic.jpg
Jane Hornibrook B.A. Hons.

Flag of New Zealand.svg
"Knowledge is the most precious resource held by human beings. It is abundant, spontaneous, evolving. It doesn't deplete or come to waste from overuse, but rather thrives and multiplies the more it is distributed and redistributed among us. If Creative Commons licensing is an applied legal tool for enabling the flow of knowledge, WikiEducator is the next crucial step - an institutional infrastructure through which we can actually display, discover and discuss our freed material. Help us foster new ways of sharing our most precious resource by supporting WikiEducator "
(Jane Hornibrook, Project Developer at Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand.)
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Warrington sign COED.jpg
Wayne Mackintosh Ph.D.

Flag of New Zealand.svg Flag of South Africa.svg
"WikiEducator is the most rewarding project of my professional career. My faith in education is restored observing schools like Warrington here in Otago, New Zealand, who are committed to the core values of education, namely to share knowledge freely. Give the gift of knowledge and help us to support educators around the world in creating free learning materials for all national curricula."
(The founder of WikiEducator at Warrington School on the occasion of signing the Cape Town Open Open Education Declaration.)
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Picture of mbasu.jpg
Elizabeth Mbasu M.Ed.

Flag of Kenya.svg
"Before I met WikiEducator, most quality knowledge in my community was dished out piece meal at significant cost. At WikiEducator, I have found quality and dynamic free knowledge from dedicated true neighbours and friends. Not only am I freely tapping from this knowledge for my own teaching and learning purposes but I am increasingly introducing teachers in my country to this community. We are already reusing, revising, remixing and redistributing free knowledge without restriction. The spirit of accessing free and open education is slowly spreading like a bushfire. "
(Elizabeth Mbasu, Founder of Pie EduSols -- an initiative to foster OER collaboration among Kenyan teachers.)
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Declan McCabe Ph.D.

Flag of USA.svg
Wikieducator has provided an on-ramp for my students to open sharing of knowledge. The community has welcomed approximately 100 of my undergraduate students to their ranks and encouraged their participation in this bold experiment. By developing lesson plans online, an enduring contribution has replaced what would otherwise have been a large number of traditional term papers. Participation in this project has engaged trainee teachers in a truly international community and encouraged them to share resources in a manner unprecedented in my previous teaching experience. Supporting the WE platform will perpetuate this model of information sharing and encourage future educators to share resources freely."
(Dr Declan McCabe, Associate Professor of Biology, St Michael's College, Vermont, USA.)
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Belinda Tynan.gif
Belinda Tynan Ed.D.

Flag of Australia.svg
" Open education resources provide a major change in practice for distance, blended and mobile learning. At the DEHub our research focus aligns with the principles and aspirations of the OER movement. WikiEducator has provided DEHub with a great opportunity to collaborate and bring other institutions into contact with ourselves as well as WikiEducator. The opportunity to share and contribute is a strength that WikiEducator provides."
(Prof Belinda Tynan, Academic Director, Faculty of the Professions, University of New England, Australia)
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