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I joined WikiEducator to transform my community
OER is a bridge over troubled water.

I am Elizabeth Okwisa Mbasu from Kenya. I live in Ngong Hills suburbs, 25 kilometres away from Nairobi city. I hold a M.ED degree in Flexible Learning - University of Southern Queensland; Australia and a B.ED degree in science. My great passion for Open Distance learning led to my frequent research visits to the COL website. It was during one such visit that I stumbled over WikiEducator. I read more about it and decided to go for it because of one main reason:

People in my community do not share educational materials unless it’s for commercial purposes. They practice the culture of using locked-up static, and less quality resources for teaching and learning. This culture has drastically reduced access to quality learning. I joined WikiEducator to transform my community into a people that practice the open education culture of developing and sharing free resources. This leads to use of updated, higher quality, sustainable and scalable resources.

The day I enrolled with WikiEducator, it was great fun introducing myself to an online community of practice, learning the culture of sharing, learning great insights from others and being challenged to also contribute and share. I met true neighbours and friends and by using these technologies, we are getting closer each day. I feel great to be part of this largest world on-line community of practice.

After this thrilling and inspiring journey, I couldn’t help letting my colleagues know about it.Through the sponsorship of WikiEducator, I organized three workshops for my fellow staff at the workstation.

Things I am doing in Wiki Educator:

Linking up with my neighbours and carrying out community tasks.

Using exe, designing an e-Learning course to induct tutors in teacher colleges - by September 2009

         course prototype


To design a curriculum for 'Mulembe Open Secondary school' in Western Kenya.