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Summary of Workshop Activities

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Let's explore:
  1. How educators are Defining OER and arrive at our own definition;
  2. What are the OER Benefits and myths and how we can benefit from using OER in our own teaching practice.
  3. Where and how can we Find OER that we can use:
  4. Why use OER in your teaching practice? What are the benefits for you and your learners?
  5. How do we integrate OER into our teaching and learning practice.

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Barriers, opportunities and the way to move forward

This is a discussion activity to share thoughts and ideas relevant to the mainstream adoption of OER in the formal education sector. This discussion can be facilitated face to face in a workshop or in a online forum.

  1. Check some of the barriers listed below to start you thinking.
  2. Identify a barrier to the mainstream adoption of OER in your own organization which has not already been listed and share it with the group.
  3. Look at the enablers listed below and identify if any of them or may be a new one that you can identify can be leveraged to facilitate the mainstream adoption of OER in your organization.
  4. Identify actions for the way forward to achieving mainstream adoption of OER in your organization that you can take.