November 2007

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What's New?

Everything is new! OLiVER is just getting started and with your help, will be growing quickly! Soon, teachers and students will have direct access to the best resources online that are direcly relevant to their national curriculum. Visit the OLiVER Project Home Page.

The newest news is that OLiVER has joined together with WikiEducator, where you are currently viewing OLiVER! This will allow educators who are experts in wiki technology to join with the OLiVER community to create a bigger and better resources for many countries. Check out the WikiEducator Main Page (and see the announcement about OLiVER on that page too!)

Now that we are off to a good start, what does OLiVER need now?

  • Volunteers to add content and/or links to all areas - what is your area of expertise?
  • Help with editing, formatting, and technological aspects of the wiki pages
  • Volunteers to start new country portals (Uganda is only the first!)
  • Contacts with teachers, schools, and students that would like to use, and add to, OLiVER

Still not exactly sure what OLiVER is? Read more about OLiVER Project or visit the Main Page.

Volunteer Spotlight

Ben VandenBerg

We would like to thank Ben VandenBerg for helping with the original site and getting things running for us. Without Ben, there would be no OLiVER!

We would also like to bring attention to the fact that, with help from Computers for Africa, OLiVER is now listed with and - sign up as an official OLiVER volunteer, or pass the word on to others! (Although you can always edit the wiki at any time without officially becoming a volunteer...its completely free and open.)

Content Spotlight

The Ugandan curriculum frameworks are complete for A & O level. However, there is only partial content at this point. For example...

To what subject would you like to contribute? You can beging adding new links or original content today. Not sure how? Visit the help page.

Bbukka Teachers

School Spotlight

The inspiration for OLiVER came from meeting with teachers and students in the BBUKKA community of schools in Masaka, Uganda. Thank you!

Do you know of a school that would benefit from using OLiVER? Send the link to them, or contact OLiVER at


If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to contact OLiVER at