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The Idea

After a trip to Uganda in 2006, the idea for this wiki was born. It was clear from feedback we heard that eductors and students with realtively new access to the internet would benefit from a well-organized site with curricum-relevent resources. The nonprofit organization Computers for Africa provided webspace for the original wiki and assisted greatly in setting up the initial site. And now...we've moved to WikiEducator!

This site was created to provide access for educators and students primarily to national curricula online resources. Worldwide, textbooks are often expensive and difficult for students and educators to purchase but more and more communities and students are gaining access to the internet. It is our hope that this wiki will provide increased access to relevant instructional and educational materials to help supplement worldwide education. This is a daunting task so we created this wikispace so that people dedicated to education across the world could not only access existing resources, but could also CREATE and COLLABORATE on their own resources.

How it's used

We invite you to add to and edit ANY and ALL of these pages. Please respect that we have created this space for educational purposes and that it is our belief that INFORMATION = POWER!

OLiVER has several ways it may be used. It began as an organized set of links to resources which are available on the web, specifically as they directly relate to a specific country's national curriculum. This development can continue, but with the move to WikiEducator, it will become a place for educators to contribute original lesson plans and self-created resources, so that others teaching or learning about the same topic will be able to use them and also to modify improve upon them. They can be added in WikiEducator for broader use, and linked to OLiVER, or added directly for a specific country within OLiVER. The wiki can be used by any educators, students, and communities of educators and students who would like a place where they can collaborate on developing resources together. The true purpose, use, and future of the OLiVER Project will be determined by users themselves. With increased use we hope users will also add graphics, photo resources, videos, and the translation of OLiVER pages in mulitple languages.

Who is running this?

YOU ARE!! The great thing about a wiki is that the users are in charge! Jump in today!

Now What?

Check out the Task List and see how you can help!