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Once we have a good idea of where we want to be, this section will be about how we intend to get there, leading to one or more proposals.

From the current state to the desired state:



  • MobilED
  • Dr Math: concept - more. Extend this to any field and add different services.
  • Research base ...

Background Research

  • Minimally Invasive Education e.g. Digital Doorway
  • MobilED ...
  • Human Language Technologies

Up and coming Technologies


Software and Tools


Iterative Planning and Design

Use Case Refinement

Technology Development/Implementation

Describe the plan ... preferably an agile approach.


Research Programme


Leadership and Management


  • Extensible platform for mobile access to a wide range of knowledge and learning resources
  • Capability in developing communities to localise and produce knowledge resources
  • etc.


  • Platform for further mobile innovation in the developing world.


People in the developing world will be able to:

  • access significant portions of the most prominent free/libre/open learning resources on the Internet
  • localise those resources deemed useful in the local context
  • collaboratively produce and share resources built to serve local needs
  • participate in the global connected knowledge society.



Organisation (and URL) Contact Role Team Members
Meraka Institute Mario Marais MobilED framework and applications development, human language technologies, wireless access, educational (and other) applications innovation research. Ktucker
Next organisation Contact person Role of the organisation in the initiative Team Members
Next organisation Contact person Role of the organisation in the initiative Team Members