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Currently very few of the major sources of learning resources are easily accessible via mobile devices - especially the types of devices most mobile users in the developing world have access to (only voice and SMS).

In the developing world, penetration of mobile phones is typically much higher than personal computers.


Changing world

The constant change at all levels requires a dynamic approach.

For schools in the developing world, each situation is different with respect to:

  • socio-economic conditions
  • environmental conditions
  • access to technology and infrastructure (electricity, suitable buildings, PCs, security, ...).

Projects/Initiatives for foundation and synergy

  • MobilED
  • OpenPhone: Dialogpalette - web site (includes the Asterisk TTS modules developed for the OpenPhone/MobilED projects).
  • LWAZI - mobile access to public services in South Africa. Major project outputs likely to be usable in 2009.
  • UniWiki