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The subcomponents of this project are inspired by a Native American proverb adopted by the INGOTS [1] FLOSS training project:

Tell me and I'll forget, show me and I may not remember, involve me, and I'll understand.

Learning contracts

The purpose of this subproject is to develop procedures and documentation for a "Learning contract" as well as the motivational components for the Learning4Content initiative. This is where educators commit to developing free content for WikiEducator in return for free training in Wiki editing skills. It is simultaneously a capacity and community building sub-project.

The design and development of this sub-project must interface with the OER Workshop Toolkit below.


  • Desktop research of selected open source community participation and capacity building projects to learn from their experiences; (See for example INGOTs, Tuxlabs and other projects that could provide insights).
  • To design a wiki compatible system on Wikieducator that promotes identity with the Learning4Content initiative, a sense of community and self-recognition within the community. For example, listing names and content contributions, automatically providing and ranking number of free content edits on wikieducator.
  • Develop a Learning4Content node page on WikiEducator which explains the concept, how it works and motivates educators to "join"
  • Develop the text for a learning contract for the Learning4Content initiative.This is a document which a prospective trainee's signs as evidence of their commitment to develop, for instance a lesson on WikiEducator in return for free training. Made available in odt, doc and pdf formats.
  • To ensure integration with the OER Workshop Toolkit subproject below
  • To recommend Workshop activities for the OER Workshop subproject below that link with the learning contract system.


  • Milestone 1 - 10 March 2007: Desktop research completed with summary on WikiEducator
  • Milestone 2 - 15 March 2007: Suggestions for relevant workshop activities for OER Workshop Toolkit provided (connecting the Learning Contract subproject with the OER workshop subproject).
  • Milestone 3 - 31 March 2007: Draft ideas on the Learning contract system posted for discussion by the community
  • Milestone 4 - 15 April 2007: Refinements incorporated
  • Milestone 5 - 20 April 2007: Draft Learning Contract (in OO and Wikiformat) and Learning4Content node on WikiEducator completed.

Wiki OER Workshop toolkit

Target date for completion of subproject: 25 May 2007

The OER workshop toolkit is a sub-project designed to develop free content resources and support materials for anyone to present a face-to-face workshop on Wiki editing skills for Wikieducator and other Mediawiki related projects.

We envisage two standard workshops:

  • A morning workshop (4 notional learning hours including breaks) introducing wiki skills
  • A 3-day workshop where educators acquire skills working on actual content (24 notional learning hours including breaks). This content could be:
    • New content released under a CC-BY-SA license requiring conversion into wiki formats. A list of content and source files of this content to be established on WikiEducator.
    • New content projects which workshop participants wish to work on.

The OER workshop toolkit will be based on:


  • Pre workshop checklists, i.e. tasks and suggested timeframes (In wiki and OO formats)
  • Text for invitations to participants incorporating the learning contracts above (In wiki and OO formats)
  • Suggested agenda outlines for workshops (In wiki and OO formats)
  • Workshop activities structured in a way to facilitate localized versions, eg activities relevant for Africa, or Pacific regions (In wiki and OO formats)
  • Pre-designed slide shows for each session (in OO format)
  • Workshop handouts (Wiki, OO and pdf formats)
  • Workshop evaluation handout (Wiki and OO formats.)
  • Pilot testing of the resources by presenting both workshop formats
  • Refine and improve resources.


  • Milestone 1 - 10 March 2007 : Pre-workshop checklists complete, draft agenda outlines for both workshops and concept ideas for activities
  • Milestone 2 - 17 March 2007: Invite feedback from the community and incorporate suggestions
  • Milestone 3 - 20 April 2007: Develop workshop resources (handouts, workshop activities, slide shows and evaluation sheet)
  • Milestone 4 - 31 May 2007: Complete pilot test the resources
  • Milestone 5 - 31 May 2007: Refine and improve resources; Produce facilitator's guide.


  • What options for "certification" of the Learning4Content project could be considered?

Digital villages

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