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Project Funding

This category "Funding Proposals" - is a way of categorising initiatives on the wiki

The default "space" for developing funding proposals on WikiEducator's ~ Metawikieducator space.

Please list all funding proposals on When you develop your bid proposal, please do so in the Metawikieducator/namespace.

Proposal Development

When developing a funding proposal, it is helpful to write down your ideas - so that others can see how they can help you, and point you in the direction of organisations which may fund and / or partner with you on such an initiative. Be sure to include a budget and specific outputs and outcomes for the project (amount) you are proposing.

Please feel free to use the content from other bids as a guide to your proposal development. Make sure to include specific project outputs, outcomes and a proposed budget. Be sure to review the successful Learning4Content wiki skills training bid to the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. The project received $100K.

  • We are working to strengthen and streamline this process in gaining funding - in a way that is more predictable than ad hoc. This will take time, but it is best if we all learn from each other, and use what has been successful in the past. --Randy Fisher 16:53, 30 October 2008 (UTC)

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