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Skype meeting 29 May 2013

Attendees: Betty, Alison

Review topics from last meeting

  • glossary is lower priority
  • Betty will add rubrics for assignments into the wiki page.

Skill development

  • Betty and Alison will work on solving equations part 1 module and then meet next week to discuss what we like and can improve.

Skype meeting 2 Jan 2013

Attendees: Betty, Alison

Bring content worksheets into WE

Betty will use OpenOffice conversion process to create wiki versions of worksheets and paste into main topic page.

Alison and Betty will collaborate on subpaging plan, and then will create subpages in main wiki space.

Math glossary

Alison will experiment with transcluding sections from glossary.

  • from what I can tell, we can't transclude sections of the glossary into other pages, but we could put the definitions onto their own page (a subpage of the glossary page) and then transclude the text from that page into both the glossary and the math journey pages. Thoughts? --Alison Snieckus 21:37, 4 January 2013 (UTC)

Consider advertising a work effort to make progress on the glossary.


Alison will study the navigation in Mathematical Journey, adding in the obvious bits and leaving discussion topics on pages as needed.

Assessment Rubrics

There are three rubrics (connected with Assignments) that need to be added. How and where? Also, one is a pdf file- can pdf files be added to Wikieducator? --BettyHD 01:40, 7 January 2013 (UTC)

I suggest putting the rubric right on the assignment page, as they do in AST100. As for what to do with the pdf version, yes it can be uploaded to the wiki, but it's not as usable as having the rubric right on the page. As the table is not terribly large, I suggest copy and pasting the text blocks into a wiki table. Let me know if you need help with this. --Alison Snieckus 00:01, 8 January 2013 (UTC)