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This page is used for planning the development of the course Mathematical Journey.

List of math journey worksheets for conversion to WE pages - Sep 2013


  • Order of Operations
  • Combining Like terms
  • Combining Like terms with distribution? Confused now with intro to exponents? Same file name?
  • Intro to exponents
  • Introductory equations
  • Solving equations Part 1
  • Solving eq part 2 - solving an equation using x and /
  • Solving eq part 3 solving an eq
  • Equations with vars in both sides
  • Functions- partly done - can add to

Still to be done

  • Solving equations that must be simplified
  • Solving equations with fractions
  • Solving eq with inequalities
  • Lines with different slopes
  • Slope of a line between two points
  • Equation of a line- point/slope- incomplete?
  • Eq of a line part 2
  • Quad eq