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Welcome to your Mathematical Journey!


Have you ever taken a journey? Not a trip, but a real journey? If you did, you spent some time preparing for your journey, making sure you had what you needed for the trip. Then, on your journey, you probably tried some sideroads- so your path was not exactly as planned. And, hopefully, you kept a journal and took photos, so you'd be able to share your journey with others when you returned. Your notes also helped you learn more during your journey.

In your journey, you may want to think of yourself creating a Personal Learning Environment (PLE.). Check out this page for more information on PLEs.

So, how will you begin your mathematical journey? There are many ways to engage in your mathematical journey through this course.

You may want to begin your journey by perusing the materials in Wikieducator as a resource and you are welcome to do so. They are there for you to use and reuse as you wish. Please share! Even better, create some of your own resources to share, based on what you see here.

Some may want to obtain college credit based on work completed during the journey. To do that, you'll need to document your work. You'll be documenting most of your work through a blog, If you already have a blog, you can use that. If you do not have a blog, but have a gmail account, I recommend that you set up a blog in Blogger, since you an do that with your gmail account. You will also need to document your final project using Google sites or something like Weebly.(In Weebly you can place your blog and your final project- see this example). Further instructions about Google sites and Weebly will be given later.

If you have another way you'd like to document and share your work with your instructor (coach), please e-mail

Your journal, wherever it is, will document your learning through this course. This rubric gives you an opportunity to assess your journal throughout the term. If you apply for or are receiving credit, this rubric will be used as part of your evaluation.

If you prefer to use an ePortfolio, that can also be arranged. Further directions about setting up an ePortfolio in Mahara are available here

Depending on your mathematical background, you may even want to serve as a coach for another learner. If you're interested in that option, please e-mail

Again, welcome!