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Directions for Setting up a Mahara account

If you would like to use an ePortfolio for this course, yu are welcome to do so.  You wull be able to continue using this ePortfolio after the course is completed. So, it's a valuable option!

To begin, send an e-mail to Betty Hurley-Dasgupta ( to request an account.

Once you have registered, view each of these tutorials. They will introduce you to the basics of Mahara. After viewing each tutorial, work on your Mahara profile page. Also, create a journal. In your journal, identify your goals for this course. (Note: These tutorials are for another Mahara site, so some aspects of it may look different. Be sure you get your account at, not

Tutorial # 1 Introducing Mahara
Tutorial # 2 Mahara Profile
Tutorial # 3 Journaling in Mahara
Tutorial # 4 Uploading Content in Mahara
Tutorial # 5 Developing a Mahara Page
Tutorial # 6 Groups in Mahara