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Mosep logo small.jpg More self-esteem with my e-portfolio: Foundation Module
Discovering the power of e-portfolio


(Session 4: Integrating e-Portfolio process with young learners) Merged with session 2 and 5.

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after this session the participant will:

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  • ideas on how to use e-portfolio in one's personal practice
  • suggestions on how to integrate ePortfolio into participant's institution's curriculum
  • list of barriers preventing implementaion of ePortfolio and possible strategies to overcome those barriers
  • identification of the young learners' perspective - why bother with my ePortfolio?


Using ePortfolio in my teaching

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Session 4 - Activity 1 : using ePortfolios in my teaching
  • Task 1. Work in pairs. Take one lesson or course that you teach and discuss how you could use ePortfolios in that lesson or course.
  • If you have already used ePortfolios in your lessons, discuss how you could use ePortfolios in other areas of your teaching.
  • Write this up in your ePortfolio/ Record your reflection
  • Task 2: work in pairs on designing an action plan for your personal teaching practice ->

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Session 4 - Activity 2 : institutional level - the barriers and challenges
  • Task 1 Work in pairs. Think on what would need to be done on the institutional level for your personal ideas to be implemented. What barriers need to be overcome? How can they be overcome? You may want to consider time and resources allocation, motivation, existing competences, institution profile and goals, incentives, your students' profile, legal constraints etc.
  • discuss your ideas with other participants. Write down most important things to keep in mind when implmeneting ePortfolio into curriculum?
  • Task 2 work in pairs on designing an action plan for a specific institution. You may refer to the [ePortfolio case studies] or other resources and explore how different institutions tackled ePortfolio implementation. How these situations are similar to yours?
  • Task 3 Can you extract more general barriers and strategies of implementing ePortfolio? Discuss it with the whole group. Sum up the crucial point and record them.
  • Task 4 Working with young learners from voctional schools you encounter different problems with motivation, career planning etc. Would you like to image how ePortfolio might help overcome these difficulties?

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Session 4 Activity Legal aspects
  • Task 1 Licenses and copyright. Show creative commons video.

  • security issues / open vs closed ePortfolio systems - advantages and disadvantages

providing learners with feedback

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Session 4 - Activity 2 : providing learners with feedback
  • task: match feedback options with scenarios
  • task: design a resource that will support students who will provide other students with feedback

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Session 4 - Activity 3: Providing feedback on line
  • Video by Jenny Hughes on providing feedback.
  • Discussion - this video was made for adult learners. is it different with younger people and how and why? Is there anything different about on-line feedback in e-Portfolio?
  • In pairs. Take one e-Portfolio entry by someone else in the group. Provide feedback on this entry.


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Blog entry on ePortfolio implementation

[ePortfolio Case studies]

Creative Commons


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