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Tutorial.png MOSEP structure for module development: Sub Module 1  Overview Activities Stucture Resources

In this module you will work with your course tutor to develop the skills and understanding thay will enable you to support learners as they select appropriate digital artifacts for their ePortfolio. You will consider a range of different strategies and approaches that you could use to support the learner. The Module will comprise of Tutor presentations, discussions, practical workshops and case study investigations.

The Module will build on the introductory work done in the Main-Module. You will be expectated during the Module to have developed the structure and added content to your ePortfolio.

To get the most out of the Module you will, after working through the Activities, need practical experience of supporting students as they develop presentational ePortfolios.

Having followed this Module you will:

  • know the reasons the e-portfolio is being used for
  • understand that different factors need to be considered when selecting artifacts for self-development and for external assessment
  • understand the value of process of creation itself (not just final results, but also recording of process and reflection)
  • see the e-portfolio as a way to develop different skills (including technical/ICT)
  • being able to design portfolio fitting the context (e.g. taking into consideration who will assess it)
  • select appropriate artifacts
  • give it a good structure/hierarchy
  • diversify it