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Tutorial.png MOSEP structure for module development: Sub Module 1  Overview Activities Stucture Resources

Session 1 - Purposes of creating an e-portfolio

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Session 1 - Activity 1

Introduction: Purposes of creating an ePortfolio (FROM MAIN MODULE)

Presentation: relationship between purpose, audience and content

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Session 1 - Activity 2

Presentation: the value of the ePortfolio process

  • E-portfolio as a method for :
    • supporting learning
    • supporting the learner
    • developing Soft skills
    • developing Domain-specific skills
    • developing Technical skills

Session 2 - Privacy issues and selection of artifacts

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Session 2 - Activity 1
  • Technical matters
    • Different media and tools
      • appropriate formats
    • Possibilities and limitations
  • Updating portfolio for self-development
    • importance of systematic work
    • “storing” reflection
    • storing milestones (before final version was created)

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Session 2 - Activity 2 Selecting the evidence
  • Selection and connection of artifacts
    • Linking (5a) and (5b) with the authoring and presentational possibilities
    • Diversifying the artifacts according to media used
    • Creating a hierarchy of artifacts (things that have to be shown, that it’d be good if they were shown, that may be shown if there’s further interest).

Session 3 - Technical requirements and opportunities

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Further elaboration on possible criteria for creating hierarchy

  • importance for learner
  • importance for assessor
  • level of detail
  • goals being fulfilled)

Session 4 - Selection of artifacts for different purposes

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Session 5 - Structure of e-portfolio

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  • Updating portfolio for presentational reasons
    • who is going to assess (teachers, professionals etc.)
    • what is going to be assessed (fulfilling school obligations, going beyond what’s required at schools, soft skills, diversity of artifacts, technical advancement, media, structure)

Additional ideas (to be included if time allows) 1. 2. Further elaboration on the relations between process and final results 3. Further elaboration on technical stuff 4. Levels of formality of artifacts (how personal can/should a learner get)