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Tutorial.png MOSEP structure for module development: Main Module  Overview Structure Activities Resources

Introduction to the course [15 minutes]

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Introduction - Activity 1 : [15 minutes]

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Introduction - Activity 2 : [15 minutes]

  • tutorial "How to use the MOSEP Wiki Courseware" LINK to AGH video podcast

Session 1 - introduction to ePortfolios [75 minutes]

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Session 1 - Activity 1 - ePortfolios, what are they? - why should our learners have them? [30 minutes]

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Session 1 - Activity 2 - exploring the potential of sample ePortfolios [30 minutes]
  • Group work - participants given access to sample ePortfolios ANYONE ABLE TO HELP US WITH SUPPLY OF SAMPLE DE-PERSONALISED ePORTFOLIOS? (OFFLINE AND ONLINE examples), given time to explore them, and then asked to feed back to class on:
    • ease of use
    • the evidence stored
    • appropriateness of evidence
    • possible applications

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Session 1 - Activity 3 - ePortfolios, the process [15 minutes]
  • importance of purpose and audience
  • need to provide learners with a reason to compile and mainatain an ePortfolio (LINK to bit after contribution to learning nprocess explained)
  • strategy?? collect everything if is appropriate and adds someting to existing ePortfolio - the presentational ePortfolio is the selected evidence targeted fro the audience and purpose of the interview or presentational situation

Session 2 - ePortfolio Content and Authoring Options [135 minutes]

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Session 3 - Activity 1 : ePortfolio content [15 minutes]
  • Discussion: typical ePortfolio content
    • related to situation

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Session 2 - Activity 2 : authoring Software [15 minutes]

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Session 2 - Activity 3 : Dedicated Authoring Software [30 minutes]
  • demonstration: Proprietary Software
    • Pebble Pad
    • Nuventive (iWebfolio)
    • Winvision
    • Factline
    • CareerLocker (Online demo:[1])
    • Folio Live by McGraw-Hill (Online demo: [2])
    • Foliotek (online demo: [3])
    • etc ( ASK vendors for 5 minute Video demo Podcasts??)
  • demonstration: Open Source options
    • ELGG (Video Podcast)
    • OSP ([4])
      • Product presentation video([5]) (Note: This video is very generic and may be used for other purpose).
      • Use case video([6])
    • ePet ([7]) (possibility to try an online demo)
    • LUSID ([8]) (possibility to try an online demo but CVS not updated since more than one year...)
    • SCAM ([9], CVS not updated since more than one year)

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Session 2 - Activity 4 :Online vs Local Hosting [15 minutes]
  • online
    • available anywhere - able to work at home etc
    • security and safety issues
    • able to set access controls for others to see certain sections
    • currently - limits on storage, communcations capacity - problems with multimedia evidence
  • Locally Hosted
    • fewer security/safety issues
    • easier to store and work with multimedia evidence
    • unable to work on away from school/college network

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Session 2 - Activity 5 : relationship between ePortfolios and social software [30 minutes]
  • Presentation: social software tools - NEED SOME better video PODCASTS


  • discussion: what part can they play in the ePortfolio process?
  • discussion: can they perform the functions required of an ePortfolio? which ePortfolio processes/stages can they support?

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Session 3 - Getting Started with an ePortfolio - a practical Workshop [120 minutes]

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Session 3 - Activity 1 : creating ePortfolio profile content [45 minutes]
  • demonstration: using the ePortfolio software to:
    • insert new pages
    • insert and edit text
    • insert digital images
    • insert linkages
    • insert digital videos
  • Practical 1: add a basic (profile) content to a new page in your ePortfolio
  • Practical 2: adding your Action Plan (from Session 4) to your ePortfolio
  • practical workshop - adding profile content
  • RESOURCE LINK - KeyPal UserGuide [10]

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Session 3 - Activity 2 : Reflective writing [75 minutes]
  • Presentation: the value of reflection - the blogg as a tool to record reflections RESOURCE LINK sign82665
  • SORT OUT OUR THINKING on Bloggs in the Process One Blogg - tagged with Key Words CHECK OUT
  • practical workshop: Hopes and fears and expectations- Our learning expectations.
    • Create a 'Compiling my ePortfolio' blogg page in your ePortfolio.
    • Enter a short description on this page that explains what you expect form the course.
    • explain What are your hopes? and What are your fears?
  • Read each others entries
  • Discussion:
    • how do our hopes and fears differ from those of young learners?
    • Does a socially disadvantaged background effect our attitudes to learning?
    • If so how and what can be done to change this?
  • Practical: Write a short Blogg entry on your ePortfolio about what you thought were the most important things raised in this discussion.
  • Presentation: effective and ineffective learning - Jenny Hughes video.
  • Group discussion: motivating students to compile an ePortfolio - summary in trainers ePortfolio

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Session 3 - Activity 3 :
  • Presentation: digital story telling. Video (from Helen Barret)
  • Group work: Topic: Why we became Teachers - including what we like and what we don't like.
  • Make a story board for ten minute group presentation.
  • Practical Workshop: Make ten minute shared audio or video of this.
  • Discussion - how can we use multi media in our work.

Session 4 - The role of the teacher/trainer in the ePortfolio Process [30minutes]

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Session 4 - Activity 1 :
  • be able to teach the process
  • provide feedback to students
  • encourage students to reflect on their learning + record their reflecytionzx

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Session 4 - Activity 2 : Providing feedback on line
  • Video by Jenny Hughes on providing feedback.
  • Discussion - this video was made for adult learners. is it different with younger people and how and why? Is there anything different about on-line feedback in e-Portfolio?
  • In pairs. Take one e-Portfolio entry by someone else in the group. Provide feedback on this entry.

Session 5 - ePortfolios evidencing Competency - [ 30 minutes]

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Session 5 - Activity 1 - competencies, what are they? and why are they being used? [30 minutes]
  • definitions
  • Self Assessment questionnaire: KeyPal [11]
  • the competencies needed by a Teacher/Tutor to support ePortfolio Learners - KeyPal competencies [12]
  • examples
  • HR examples + importance to HR labour mobility, job definitions etc
  • presentation of Europass CV competencies as a concrete simple example
  • how can they be evidenced

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Session 5 - Activity 2 :creating an Action Plan
  • Work in pairs. take one (or more) competencies that you think you need further personal development for.
  • Discuss how you might gain this competency. Write a short entry about this in the form of an ACTION PLAN on a new page in your ePortfolio.
  • set up links to this new page and test that they work

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Session 4 - Activity 3 : identifying competencies
  • Competencies for ePortfolio.
  • Card sort in groups.
  • Sort cards into competencies required of teacher, competencies required of learner, competencies required by both.
  • Rank order the cards.
  • Share with other groups (one person from each group stays behind to defend group decisions whilst others move around groups).

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Session 4 - Activity 4 : adding a CV
  • workshop practical: create a page in your ePortfolio that will store basic CV details
  • add your details and set up and test links

Session 6 - presenting your ePortfolio [30 minutes]

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Session 6 - Activity 1 :Introduction to the end of module presentation [30 minutes]]

Session 7 - Integrating e-Portfolios into the curriculum

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Session 7 - Activity 1 : using ePortfolios in my teaching
  • Work in pairs. Take one lesson or course that you teach and consider how you could use e-Portfolios in that lesson or course.
  • Write this up in your ePortfolio.

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Session 7 - Activity 2 : the barriers and challenges
  • presentation: the barriers to ePortfolios

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Session 7 - Activity 3 :Licenses, legal bits and copyright- Activity 1 :

28. Licenses and copyright. Show creative commons video.

Session 8 - ePortfolios supporting Assessment (60 minutes)

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Session 8 - Activity 1 :evidencing learning
  • Presentation: The Potential of the ePortfolio to support assessment for learning,and of learning
  • Practical: Individual Reflection, recorded in participants ePortfolio - how might an ePortfolio provide a vehicle to store assessment evidence for my learners?
  • Pair Work: Take your previous entry on how ePortfolio might be appropriate place to store assessment evidence, and discuss with a partner how the learner evidence might prove that the learner had 'satisfied the criteria'.
  • Discussion: What kind of evidence they could put forward?
  • Discussion: How could this evidence be assessed.
  • Presentation: trends in e-assessment - the place of the ePortfolio.

Session 9 - end of Module Action Plan

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  • Where we go next.
  • Will we continue our e-Portfolios. If not, why?
  • How do we collaborate together as a group?
  • What support is available?
  • Who will moderate the group?

resources in case wolf deletes them tomorrow

KeyPal Tutor/Teacher Self-Assessment [13]

KeyPal Student User Guide [14]

KeyPal Competency Framework [15]

An Overview of E-Portfolios by George Lorenzo and John Ittelson [16]