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Funding Proposal


Design the project so that it:

  • supports teachers to increase the quality of educational materials (and learning experiences)
  • increases teachers' skill development
  • increases capacity of growing US and international community
  • addresses gaps in the open education ecosystem, and makes the connection between the nodes/[projects


  • OERFoundation - Wayne, Randy & Gurmit
  • MITE -- Ruth, Terri
  • Others?
  • Teachers without Borders (Hewlett Funded Project) (says Wayne)


  • design of participatory action learning model with online & F2F blend (a la Learning4Content model
  • delivery of action learning-based online & F2F blend - requires facilitators (a la L4C model)
  • facilitation of learning communities
  • certification (apprenticeship/L4C model)
  • train-the-trainer component for facilitators