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Pipeline process

EMPOWER members

Members can send contributions in easy ways, and the transparent staging pipeline process helps

Stages of social publishing transparency

The editors may need a dashboard

stage one: people can propose types of contents into a staging area

stage two: you determine the degree of shareability

stage three: resources are developed to the point where they are widely re-usable

Stages are communicated via forum topic that users can follow, or an email alert from the activity.

Sharing Resources that are not resources from NROC

Starts with people stating what they need and what they have (both content and other resources)

"Member swap meet" people can share and swap resources in wants/needs kind. Clear distinction made between direct member to member shared resources and resources created and vetted through the NROC editorial process.

Sharing Exemplars

We want to collect (self-report or by interview) members stories, share online and in newsletters. Try to stimulate members to contribute their own exemplars and shared resources.

Items exposed/shared on institutional page can be flagged by MITE administrators for potential exemplar creation.

Working description of Implementation Plan Templates (IPT)

A flow-based set of forms that follows logic, and helps define roles for members. May be used with facilitators, or could be stand-alone.

Open Questions

What is the process exactly.

What is a "smee"?

Estimated time to completion

Estimated time to completion: Not yet determined


Which iteration is this scheduled for: Not yet determined (after iteration one)

This is scheduled for: Iteration One