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NROC - Key Messages

(Comment.gif: These 'Key Messages' build on prior dialogue with stakeholder groups. In some cases, the raw text has been 'wordsmithed' slightly, for easier reading and precision. If you feel that this wording is NOT reflective of your input, pleas post a message to the Google Group, and let's discuss. Or, please make changes directly to this space. Please log-in to WikiEducator first, so that you can make changes.Randy Fisher 10:22, 7 October 2009 (UTC)) Click here for MITE Google Group


  • This project is a "manifestation of what we want to be to the world"
  • 'The website is about: (1) Information; and (2) how we want to engage and interact with people and provide a means for people to interact with each other. "We're trying to model a way to work as CoPs, supported by a sustainable, nonprofit organization that is open, collaborative AND scalable.
  • MITE (NROC) is responsive to providing "ease of use" implementation support to members on a timely and relevant basis.
  • MITE (NROC) provides support for members to share resources within their organization, and in providing specific advice for effectively communicating to, and engaging with their users.
  • We welcome and encourage stakeholder feedback and input, in a way that won't take very much time or energy.
  • MITE NROC are facilitators of getting members oriented to the project; to implementing the project in the institution; and facilitate members in sharing their learning and exemplars with each other."
  • We are a 'network community'