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Story Ideas

for Members

  • MITE's success in developing a community of people supporting each other
  • sharing the concept of NROC as a 'network community'
  • story ideas arising out of our Key Messages
  • OER case studies, content developed, collaborations
  • interviews: Gary Lopez, opinion leaders in the OER family; institutional leaders
  • keep a lookout for 'quotable quotes'
  • Getting the most out of your NROC Membership

for future (if functionality supports it)

  • Single sign-on for teachers to access all of the MEMBER benefits to both custom member Hippo and Network Member services would be pretty powerful, and likely necessary for maximum usage. (Terri)

for Funders

  • communication pieces that show how we our 'support' is assisting member institutions (comments from Ruth & Nancy)
  • story ideas arising out of our Key Messages
  • OER strategy, leadership and partnerships