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Meeting 1: Tech and Ops

(Week of October 5, 2009)


  • To discuss roles with stakeholders (based on Ruth's descriptions)
  • To introduce team to stakeholders
  • To share action research / learning process (what's to come) and Key Messages
  • To identify any barriers, resistance, alignment issues, opportunities, etc.
  • To migrate from email communications to MITE Google Group.

Who's Invited

  • Ruth
  • Gary (Gary is on vacation)
  • Brian
  • Nancy
  • Sam
  • Randy



Logistics Info

  • Arrange conference call (skype 1:30 pacific, Ruth to use skype conferencing)
  • Ensure meeting invitation sent - be sure to include Meeting Purpose and Agenda
  • Share purpose of site on WikiEd; how it works - sending URLs, etc.
  • Share existence of Google group