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Operations & IT

October 7

(Ruth, Nancy, Brian, Randy, Sam

  • Brian - continuation of earlier project; moving course and, and as it exists into Drupal environment; now Phase II of that project, to revise that content, and co-mingle it , under
  • Phase I - new business requirements coming up; new planning phase... new needs "Community" and new service based approach for our membership group (Service implementation) -
  • one of the most cross-functional projects that we have
    • IT staff - supporting the applications environment
    • it is currently serverd across multiple servers....redundancy and uptime considerations; we have additional design work to make sure we can design it within the hosting environment we have -- "supporting our members through the site, and keeping content on site"
  • Nancy - Drupal, more easily modify the network;
    • Operations Network and Support site...
  • Action Item: have a cross-functional organization

"Operations / IT