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On which stair(s) would you tread?

What are Values?

Values reflect our attitudes and what we believe about everything. For example, love for my family is a value I am willing to work hard for and maybe even sacrifice to achieve. That value reflects the fact that I believe love for family is more important than anything else in my life. This should be reflected in decisions and actions. If not it is not what the person values.

What is Value Clarification?

Value clarification is a technique for encouraging individuals to relate their thoughts and their feelings and thus enrich their awareness of their own values.

Why is Value Clarification important?

Clarifying values is an integral part of personal growth. Knowing what's most important to us provides a blueprint and direction in our lives. Values Clarification is a key area in our self-knowledge because we develop a greater awareness of our core values. Knowing our core values or what's most important to us is extremely relevant to creating goals, setting priorities, and managing our time. We’ll have solid ideas about where we'll commit blocks of our energy and time. Less important areas can be set aside or dropped from our schedules. When we have to make choices between activities, we'll have our core values to guide us. When we clarify our values, we also have the opportunity to strengthen our value system and integrity and to integrate ourselves into wholeness.

Values only have value when they are acted upon.

Values Clarification in a Nut Shell

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