Life Skills Development/Unit One/Values Clarification

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After completing this section, you should be able to:

  • Examine the values you hold dear and check if decisions made are consonant with these;
  • Demonstrate an acknowledgement and acceptance of the realities of diversity (ethnicity, culture, sexual-orientation, spirituality/religion);
  • Identify and prioritize your values;
  • Recognise the correlation between personal values, actions and decisions;
  • Re-define and re-interpret existing norms and values, and develop commitments to new ones in accordance with desired actions or behaviour;
  • Re-assess internalized patterns of social behaviour and cultural values and norms and one’s acceptance of them;
  • Articulate personal value system and ensuing behaviours.

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  • Do you value yourself?
  • What brings you the greatest joy?
  • Are you living in an extraordinary way?
  • Are you true to yourself?
  • What are the values that guide your daily lives?

Too often many of us live unaware and without thought of the values we profess as we go through life. There is need for us all to be more conscious of the values we hold dear and to seek to live according to these values. This would improve the quality of our lives and our relationships. Everyone would be living in integrity.

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