Libre licensing Issues

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Prepare for debate during the development of a Libre Licence:

  • Understand the history of copyright

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Design your own learning outcomes while engaging in these activities:

  1. Read up (via web, books etc.) on the history of copyright
  2. Convene discussions with people you know who are also interested in this
  3. Write an essay on copyright as it relates to something of interest to you (art, music, science, poetry, dance, writing novels, collaborative authoring, policy, ...).
  4. Comment on this concise table: a "Brief History of Copyright" and improve it or make alternative versions which you think are better or more appropriate for your students.
  5. Explore free/libre and open source software licensing:
  6. What distinguishes free, non-free and open source software licenses?
  7. To what extent may the principles of free/libre and open source software be applied to knowledge and cultural resources?
  8. What changes were made between versions 2 and 3 (and immanent 4) of the Creative Commons License and of the GNU Free Documentation License?
  9. Now, consider the Libre Puro License.
    • Explore and discuss the discussion pages associated with libre licenses and best practices associated with the Libre Puro license.
    • Extend and refine the list of Libre Licenses below.