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Lessons depicted below have been adapted from various sources. Due credit is mentioned wherever the source is known.

Lessons from Noah's Ark

1. Plan ahead. It wasn't raining when Noah started building the Ark.
2. Two heads are better than one.
3. Woodpeckers inside the Ark are worse than the storm outside.
4. Finish your task. Noah's neighbour's laughed at him. But he finished his task.
5. Have faith in what you do.
6. It can rain and it can pour. But one day there will be sunshine.
7. At the end of the storm, there is going to be a rainbow.

Lessons from an Eagle

(Adapted from http://ezinearticles.com/?Timeless-Lessons-From-the-7-Principles-of-the-Eagle&id=2639477)
  • RTENOTITLE The eagle is a bird who prefers the storm. Before every flight,it preens its feathers to avoid problems.It flies alone... a bird of strength and independence.When it flies, it flies above the storm.While other birds fly away from a storm, the eagle thrives in a storm.Be an eagle, learn from adversity by facing the situation.
  • The eagle is known for its strong and sharp vision.When it spots its prey, it remains focused on its goal. Are you a person of distant vision? A person of foresight?
  • The eagle's nest is initially comfortable. As the baby eagle grows , the mother removes the soft material and at a stage even places a thorny twig. The maturing eagle is forced to leave this uncomfortable nest and fly. Do you as a leader place challenges before yourself and your team?
  • When the little eagles are taught to fly, the mother pushes them out of the nest. They nearly hit the ground and father eagle swoops and scoops them up. As a leader do you allow your team members to take risks? Are you there to scoop them in such times?
  • The eagle never eats dead flesh. As a leader do you rely on stale or passed on information? Update your skills and knowledge. Don't rely on second hand stuff.
  • A female eagle rigorously tests her partner's committment before mating.Once a bond is forged, it is permanent. Do you test the credibility and committment of your team members?
  • An old eagle sheds it feathers in solitude. The new wings grow and once again the eagle is back into action.Are you, like the eagle, rejuvenating yourself?Productivity and quality of life improve with this kind of exercise.

Lessons from Geese

Geese fly in a V-formation and they offer us several lessons.
1. For flying in the V-form the lead bird has to cut through the wind. This makes it easier for the flock to fly. Be a leader . Cut through obstacles....make it easier for your followers.
2. The position of the lead bird is taken up by different birds.When one bird is tired, another takes his position. Delegate your job, don't be the engine driver always.
3. When the birds fly they make a cackling sound.This boosts the others and they fly with renewed strength. Motivate others, keep cheering and get the whole team fly together.
4. When a bird is tired, sick or has been injured, it falls out of the flock....but not alone. Another bird keeps it company till it is fit to fly again. Once the injured bird is fit to fly, both the birds join another flock of birds and .... they are welcomed.

Lessons from Religious Symbols

Lessons from Flowers