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Dear friends,


We were eagerly waiting for the workshop to start and here we are now! :-)

At the outset we thank all of you for showing your interest and joining us in this workshop.

This is our first day of the workshop and lets 'inaugurate it' by making an edit in WikiEducator on your User Page. Going to your user page is easy. You can do so it by visiting http://wikieducator.org/ and login from the link in upper right top corner and then from the Main Page locate for workshop details given at the end of page.

Its better you bookmark your userpage and then log in from there so you can reach your page directly.

In this workshop we will be using a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor, which is also called Rich Text Editing (RTE). (Tip: We recommend that you open the links below in a new window or new browser tab. Move your cursor (pointer) over the link, click on your right mouse button and select open link in new tab or window. This way you will keep the instructions open in one of your browser windows.)

1. If you are new to wikis, view the short video called ‘Wikis in plain English’ at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dnL00TdmLY - hosted on YouTube.

2. To learn about the basics of rich text editing, please see http://wikieducator.org/Wikieducator_rich_text_editor_tutorials/Editing_basics

3. Go to your 'User page, click on the edit link. Type something in the edit window and save your text. (something like.. "I am proud participant of eL4C55!") . To go to your user page, after logging in to WikiEducator ,click your user name that would appear on top of the Window.

4. Please introduce yourself to the group by posting to our wiki forum at http://wikieducator.org/Learning4Content/Workshops/eL4C55/Introductions

Don't be noticed by your absence! (Login and click on the edit link and remember to click the save button at the bottom of the page).

5. If you have any questions or need a little help, just ask us at http://wikieducator.org/Learning4Content/Workshops/eL4C55/General_forum .

Remember the WikiEducator motto: Just try it. Our community will support you!

6. Its never late in WikiEducator! Therefore ask your friends and colleagues to join you in this exciting event and help them developing wiki skills.

You may have noticed that we are using simple text in this page without any formatting or wiki syntax. This is so to give a feeling that even simple text can appear on Wiki. So be brave in typing the details without bothering about the syntax or format.

Wishing you a very pleasant learning and community building time!

With regards

Your facilitators,

Ramesh and Anil

Please don't hesitate to post a query at the wiki forum or email us when you want to clear some doubts on your wiki experiments!