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Dear Friends,

A warm Welcome to the WikiEducator Learning4Content (eL4C54) free online training workshop titled: "Learn Wiki Skills for leveraging the potential of Open Educational Resources", which starts today, on Wednesday, 26 June 2013 and which you have signed up for.

This is a workshop with more than 105 participants from 19 different countries! (Registration is still open if you would like to invite a friend to join you on this exciting journey. Everyone is welcome to join us.

Two things you need to do today -- it shouldn't take more than a few minutes to complete this orientation:
1. Bookmark the course homepage: Go to the workshop homepage eL4C54 Homepage, and bookmark this in your browser.

2. Read the getting started instructions: We have listed a few points to help you get started -- take a few minutes to read these, particularly if you are new to wiki courses or OER (see: eL4C54 Workshop Schedule)

3. Meet your facilitators here

We are looking forward to meeting you in the Wiki! Be bold and try an edit, and most of all let's have fun!

These are the getting started instructions. Instructions for Day 1, will be uploaded shortly as well.

With best wishes,

Your Facilitators

Ramesh Sharma, Gita Mathur and Pankaj Khare