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Dear Friends,

Its amazing that we have progressed so far! We are very impressed by all the progress you have made and we will keep watching.
And today we shall have our next live session too to explain wiki editing and reply to the queries of you all! See the details to join and log in here

The first round of certifications have been given, and to receive the next certification upgrade, make sure you fulfill the criteria which you will find here: WikiMaster

Some of you have uploaded their photo into the infobox on your user page or on their pages and are trying the editing features. Keep practicing, it will get easier. Kindly also complete your infoboxes with your details, if you haven’t done this already, so people know who they have in front of them, when they open your page. This is your Wiki “business card”.

Instructions for Day 8

Today we will:
Learn how we use the Discussion or Talk pages in the wiki, and explore some useful features like the Watchlist, and the My Contributions links.

In other words, we will discuss an easy way to monitor changes on pages you edit or watch? How do we keep track of individual contributions made in the wiki?

Today we will also learn and experiment with a few powerful features in the wiki.

Video Tutorial

The video tutorial for todays session is available at Instructions for Day 8

Work through Tutorial 8 on Communication and Interaction Tools (see link Rich Text Editor Communication and interaction)

Test the feature of adding a discussion item which relates to a content page in the wiki. See the discussion activity linked to the talk page of our course schedule (this page).

You can also access the corresponding talk page by clicking on the "Discussion" at the top of each page in your browser.

Leave a personal message on the User page of other participants who have started working on their user pages is a fun way to connect. To do this -- you need to go to the respective User Page by clicking on a blue colored link under the surname of our participant list

Participant List

Then click on the "Discussion" tab of the User page concerned (top of the page). Comment on something positive you have seen on User Page, particularly if you have some ideas for improvement. If you do receive a message from one of the participants -- send a reply to by clicking on their Username, which is displayed in the automatic signature below the message.

This may sound all very complicated but you will see, it isn't.

One of the best way to keep in touch with the WikiEducator family is to join our Main WikiEducator mailing list in our Google groups -- Join today to keep up to date with what's happening in our community.
Join us in our WikiEducator Facebook Group as well

Have fun -- this is a great way to communicate with your fellow WikiEducators!

Enjoy your day, keep working on your userpage and looking forward to welcome you in today's live session

Your Facilitators