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Hello Friends!

We trust that you had a good weekend. Now let's continue with our course.We saw that a number of participants used the opportunity to catch up after a busy week. That's good. What you get out of this free learning opportunity is completely up to you, and we of course highly encourage you to take the time and explore this because once you understand how this platform works, you will find many ways to collaborate in an open environment such as WikiEducator.

Today we'll start experimenting with basic wiki editing on your user page. You will learn how to format text using bold, italics, lists headings and subheadings. The idea is that you will demonstrate these skills on your user page or sandbox and qualify for your first community certification in WikiEducator.

It's quite easy using the rich text editor. After today's session you will have covered the skills for your first wiki certification.

You will find a link to the instructions for Day 4 in the course material box of our home page:

EL4C54 Homepage

The best way to practice your wiki skills is to find a task or wiki project relating to your real working life. We've posted a few ideas for you to think about and encourage you to sign the optional learning contract. Look forward to hearing your thoughts in the wiki!
Do take a look at the participant introductions to meet your fellow participants and if you haven't had a chance to post your introduction -- there is no better time than now!

EL4C54 Participants

Start working on increasing your edit count in WikiEducator -- we have a community kudos prize for the participant (and facilitator) with the highest edit count during the workshop.

Remember! Today we have an online interactive session with you all (Sat, Jun 29, 2013). Please join the session by visiting this link

Have a great day!
Your Facilitators