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Dear Friends,

Here we are .. its 10th day of our exciting workshop...Thanks to all of you for making it great success. Technically it is the last Day of our WikiEducator Learning4Content training workshop. Kindly accept our heartfelt Congratulations! You have completed this training workshop and have now become part of our WikiEducator family with its almost 64,000 member. You have also joined thousands of graduates of the Learning4Content project!

Today we're wrapping up the workshop. You will find the instructions for Day 10 for our course on our home page under the Course Content section:

eL4C54 Workshop Homepage

We facilitators are available and we encourage to keep working on your pages and increase your edit count. Pl do contact us with your suggestions, feedback and questions. We will be happy to see your userpage getting more informative, attractive and with lot of images and wiki editing features.

And pl keep working on your wiki project. WE are here to assist you, whenever you need!

In summary, you should:

1) Join our main WikiEducator mailing list to keep up to date with what is happening with the WikiEducator family.

2) Invite a friend or colleague to join the next Learning4Content workshop -- spread the news!

3) Share your experiences, thoughts and suggestions by posting a reply on our wrap-up thread.

4) Consider giving the gift of knowledge by supporting our charitable gifting and organisational recruitment campaign.

We will announce the winners of the community kudos awards for the most edits within next few days -- this will give you a chance to increase your edit count!

From all of your facilitators -- Once again a BIG thank you for all your contributions in making the WikiEducator workshop a huge success.

Wishing you all the best and looking forward to work with you again in future,
Your Facilitators