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Discussion on real and perceived barriers to sharing teaching materials using collaborative authoring approaches, and what we can do to remove these barriers

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  • I think due to following reasons people are not interested in sharing teaching materials
  * They may not be able to retain their original contribution for a long time
  * The collaborative authoring approaches are not very popular
  * Resistance to change
  * Doubtful about use of these materials by the end users

--Pramodkumartk 08:55, 17 February 2012 (UTC)

  • The Real barriers to sharing teaching materials using collaborative authoring approaches are:
* Lack of awareness, how it is done
* Inability to use the collaborative environment to gain confidence or present oneself and one's capability
* Lack of acknowledgement and perception that "free" is of no use
  • The solutions are:
* Wikipedia and OCW of MIT are examples where success has been proved that sharing of knowledge is indeed a great workable idea. MIT has come out with MITx and wikieducators efforts as OERu where credits can also be given to students for free resources is indeed a great thing to happen
* Wikieducator workshops need to be undertaken at microlevels also i.e each institute needs to see the power of collaborative tools and how they are being used.
* People need to be encouraged for providing online content. The philosophy of wikieducator to give free content during the workshop is a well percieved idea (leaning contract)
* I also feel that it is a "Mindset Problem" of not sharing. Internet has taught the world that information era requires your web presence and the mindset is indeed evolving
* The CC workshops are a great place to know on sharing and protecting the creator which is also a great movement. It's relevance  speaks for itself as wikieducator has adopted this and institutes have copyroight policies with CC (creative Commons)base.

--Ravi limaye 00:03, 25 February 2012 (UTC)