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My WIKI Project. I am about to begin teaching a fully online course in Adult Education and Social Change. Many of my students are internationally located, and I know they are often planning to teach in settings where open educational resources would be essential. Many of these students, however, are quite unfamiliar with educational technologies; learning online itself is quite a challenge. Within the learning management system we are using at University of the Fraser Valley - Blackboard - is the tool to create a wiki-discussion. 

I would like here to build a one-page instruction for using a wiki.

My Wikiproject Ideas

When I first thought about doing this course it was because I wanted to see if communities could use some of the Adult Community Education knowledge and skill I have, however since starting this I now think it would be a good idea to get on-board with a current project and add my energies there to learn how to operate in this community and then find a project where my earlier idea may be suitable. Here is an example of what I have been doing- www.northland.ac.nz/Pages/AdultCommunityEducation.aspx. I welcome comment from anyone who wishes to give it and some guidance.

Wajiihah Emambokus: I am planning to carry on a project based on teaching methods, approaches may it be psychological and several aspects, the difficulties we encounter, steps involved in learning, all these leading towards education for Prevocational students. I chose to do a wikiproject based on them because, they have a completely different approach to education, and in Mauritius, we attribute a lot importance to them. This will help us understand their performances, intellectual level and lots more.

Nivedita GOPAUL Wikiproject

Hello everyone,

As a wikiproject idea, I would like to discuss about how we can educate people about the risk factors concerning obesity, and bad eating habits, because nowadays, the whole world is complaining about the high rate of death caused by heart diseases, stroke and diabetes. I welcome comment and friends willing to work with me on that project.

Zaynah Toofany Wikiproject

Hello everybody, for the wikiproject I am interested in doing A beginner's Computing Course where people of any age group will have the opportunity to get the knowledge pertaining to what is Computing actually. I think this is going to help learners since Computing is becoming increasingly important these days. The wikiproject will consist of both theory explanations and some exercises for learners to practice and test what they have learnt. This wikiproject will help us to understand wiki even more. --Zaynah 07:11, 25 November 2010 (UTC)

Reena Rajkomar - Wikiproject

Hi everyone!

I am thinking of doing something related to learning styles. Here, in Mauritius, the educational system is still very traditional and competitive and there is much emphasis on different teaching methods and how to improve teaching with the aim of solely (correct me if I am wrong, please) provide better results. But, working as Instructional Designer, especially for off-campus programmes, with the target audience being adult, mature learners who need to juggle with work, family and studies, the need to understand the different learning styles became a very important tool to help mature learners. To effectively instruct adults, it is fundamental that the trainer has a basic understanding of the adult learner. By understanding the adult learner and how one learns, teaching/training can be done more effectively. It is in this mindset that I wish to do something on learning styles and adult education. --Reen.redrose 11:01, 25 November 2010 (UTC) Reena Rajkomar

Tolsy Subbaraya Pillai-wikiproject

Hi everyone,

I am thinking of doing a wikiproject on how to educate students to reduce stress . Almost all students are stressful, especially during exam days or during any other educational activities, though we denied. It forms part of our daily life.This really affects students of any age, especially when we are growing old. So, my wikiproject will consist of solutions and tips to enable one to reduce stress,for e.g the initiation to meditation, yoga, simple activities,therapy which can be really beneficial.

Julie Damerell wikiproject thoughts

I work with developing writers and readers in the community college. Many of them are adult students, so I'm interested in what others are doing related to adult education. I often create materials to supplement the students' text and have been working on an assessment tool. I'd like to see how I can use wikieducator to create work that isn't developed by a textbook publisher and instead fits how and what I teach.