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Ideas for a wiki project

The best way to experience the wiki is to start your own wiki project, or to join one of the existing projects in the wiki. We recommend choosing something that is of interest to you and likely to be of use in your own situation. Consult the list of ideas for a wiki project. The purpose of this discussion is propose ideas to:

  • Get feedback and suggestions for refinement
  • Identify possible collaborators for group projects
  • Help connect you with existing communities and projects in the wiki.

Choose a title for your project and provide a brief description of what you would to do.

Note: The learning contract is optional. However in the spirit of open collaboration this is a great way contribute a little of your knowledge in return for the free training the OER Foundation provides. As a non-profit, we rely on donations from individuals and organisations to finance our free training activities and you may choose to give back in this way as well.

Project Proposals

Zan has two project proposals

  1. Probability Experiment Simulation  At this time there is very little on the internet for simulation of probability experiments at a basic level for NCEA L1 and L2 What we plan to to present is a simple level tutorial with some practice questions put onto separate pages with sample answers. This project is being created during the current workshop using the sandbox etc and thus may be almost a complete contribution by the end of the workshop series.
  2. SUN Sessions (my name at this time) that I am actually trialling with students to increase students' self esteem in Mathematics. There will be a series of around 12 x 1hr session/lessons which will be documented for teachers to view and hopefully spring board from. This will be the detailed lesson plan carried out that a teacher may need to modify. To be honest I don't think there is any material like this anywhere (yet) Current topics for all 12 lessons and the first one which will be trialled on 9th Sept  will be drafted and contributed on or by the10th of September. These session will also challenge teachers and so may prove to be quite The sessions apply to NZ yr 9,10,11 (independent of maths ability or background) and are non sequential -so can be done in any order and not require an absent student from feeling left out.
    --Zan 11:43, 1 September 2010 (UTC)

Learning Contract ideas


  • Its tricky as the 'surprise is gone' if students access the lesson plan ie know the answers before the lesson so not sure what other lesson plan sharers do eg a riddle is given and then for the teacher an answer - but if the students look up the lesson plan then they know the answer and don't go through the thinking process associated with the riddle.All I can think to do is flag the pages as  Warning Spoiler Alert to students who may plan to thumb through the lesson plans 
  • Shall want to contribute(upload) the powerpoints I produce to wikieducator of the sun session Uploading of powerpoints may be in one of upcoming workshops.
  • I am also quite confused in this way. In workshop 2 we discovered wikiversity where many educators share their lessons and ideas freely on the internet already. Part of my being confused is duplication. At this time I see the two sites versity and educator doing the same thing. I thought wiki;s were a unifying pot and here we have two wikis that should really be one? Wondering what the differences are at this time and would appreciate clarification

--Zan 11:43, 1 September 2010 (UTC)

Re: Hi Zan. You could develop a "test your knowledge" questionnaire instead of uploading a lesson plan, if you felt more comfortable doing this. On another note, Microsoft Powerpoint and WikiEducator are incompatible, you would need to download the Open Office Suite and use the equivalent to upload your powerpoints into WikiEducator. Warm wishes--Patricia Schlicht 17:17, 1 September 2010 (UTC) ---