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Getting ready for eL4C38

Greetings and welcome to EL4C38, a 10-day free online basic wiki skills workshop on how to use Wikieducator for collaborative educational exchange and OER development. Thank you for your interest in the workshop.

We'll be officially starting the course this coming Wednesday May 26, 2010, but you may start the Pre-work in advance.

1. Please create an account on WikiEducator if you don't already have one by going through Tutorial 2.
2. Please download the print version of Learning4Content "Getting Started" instructions or read these directly on WikiEducator
3. Please take a look at the online course pages
  • We highly suggest you bookmark the home page for eL4C38
  • In particular, check out the Workshop Days 1 to 10, to have a better idea of the "flow" of the course
  • Under Workshop links page there is a list of WikiEducator pages for the workshop and email accounts that you will use.
  • Visit our Webliography to find a comprehensive list of relevant web resources on OER research reports and papers and recordings of past live online meetings.
  • During the 10 days of the workshop you will be encouraged to visit and contribute to the Wiki Discussion pages that we have set as part of the Activities for the workshop. Join discussion threads and share thoughts with others while practicing your wiki skills!
4. Check to see if your name is listed on the eL4C38 participants list in order to get familiarized with the community of learners for this workshop.  If not you can register here.
  • Find your name and click in the link, it will take you to your User page.
  • Notice it is pre-filled with headings and a welcome message from your facilitators.
  • Do not worry about how your user page looks like... as you learn the wiki skills you will be able to develop a beautiful user page that might be selected for the User Page Expo :-)
5. Read the report on the world's largest wiki training initiative in educationLearning4Content - The first 18 monthsPDF down.png (PDF 1.7 MB)
6. Please fill in and sign, the learning contract which you can download here. Email to eL4C38

Some people find that one of the most challenging aspects of the wiki experience is getting started. In order to help you get started, we would like to connect with you via Instant Messaging software such as Gmail or Skype. Please add skype or your gmail account and your userpage URL to every email message you send, so we can support you throughout the workshop. (See facilitators signatures below).

We invite you to contact us for help 24/7 as one of us will be online. We hope you have a valuable experience, and we're looking forward to your feedback so we can make this course even better.

Have fun!

The Facilitators of eL4C38

Nellie Deutsch


email: nellie@oerfoundation.org

skype: nelliedeutschmuller

Gladys Gahona

email: gladys@oerfoundation.org
skype: chela5808

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