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Wiki Discussions
This is our forum room where participants hang out during coffee breaks.
Let's develop collective knowledge in OERs and wikis, while practicing our wiki skills!
Join discussion threads and share thoughts with others :-)

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Discussion thread Description
Introductions Please introduce yourself, tell us a bit about you. What are your motivations to join the Wiki Skills Workshop and what do you expect to learn.
Thoughts about wikis To wiki or not to wiki? That is the question. Please share with us your thoughts or concerns about wikis.
Why OERs? Why "share" expertise & resources in these economic times? Who benefits from an OER textbook? Why higher education institutions like MIT, Tufts University, and others place courses and programms online? Does sustainability have something to do with this?
My Learning Contract Project Participants discuss Learning Contract Projects. Share your ideas with others...
Wiki Questions & Support If you have any questions or requests for support you can post these directly on this wiki page. Your facilitators will monitor this page and post the responses here.