My Learning Contract Project

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My Learning Contract Project

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I am planning to develop:

A professional development resource for educators or trainers

Context of Adult learning - formal, informal, lifelong, work-based, institutional, flexible/blended learning, e-learning, distance, competency based, trainee/apprenticeship, individual learning, group learning, coaching, mentoring
Adult Learning - learning theories, characteristics of adult learners, research on the brain and it's effect on adult education
Training Needs Analysis - what, why, how
Designing Learning - learning outcomes, strategies, The Learning Environment, process, Phases (Analysis, Plan, Design, develop), designing and developing learning resources
Delivery - The role of the trainer, Techniques, methods, tools and how to choose, session plans
E-learning - methods and tools, facilitating online
Assessment - what and why, methods, evidence, preparation, conduct, document, validate (a big one in Australia is Recognition of Prior Learning)
Evaluation of Learning and Assessment - Models, designing, techniques, reporting
Managing - Role of Manager, Auditing, Planning (Strategic, Operational), Marketing and promoting, organising, staffing, monitoring, Return on Investment, Scope of Training Services, Coordinating training, change management
Contemporary Issues - what skills does an excellent teacher possess, what does professionalism mean in teaching, fostering educational innovation, reflecting on educational practice, quality in education (and continuous improvement), 21st century skills, e-portfolios, the role of technology in education, management development, leadership, maybe open sourced v closed source materials :-)
History of Adult Education - generally and in various countries

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ADD MORE BY GOING TO Facilitating Adult Learning: A Textbook for Educators of Adults
----Sandy (aka Wakalena) 01:49, 26 November 2009 (UTC)

A workshop resource

A subsection for a free textbook resource or handbook

A unit or section for a distance education study guide

Other, please specify