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Workshop Report

Road Works.svg Work in progress, expect frequent changes. Help and feedback is welcome. See discussion page. Road Works.svg


Nov. 4

Added 4 participants to particpants list. User:Krajshree user name not verified by robot (manual registration). User:Endris_umer currently registered for both EL4C31 and EL4C32.

Nov. 12

  • Added Wiki discussion page.
    • Added Introductions discussion page
    • Added Learning Contract Project discussion page
  • Modified absolute links in workshop schedule to be relative links so that the page is easier to transfer to subsequent eL4C workshops.
    • Fixed a link in to Learning Contract Project discussion that looked broken as it was referring to an anchor in the general discussion page instead of the specific discussion page.
  • Modified Template:EL4C31 Instructions to Template:EL4C Instructions so that it is general an does not need to be modified for subsequent workshops.

Nov. 13

Created the following template Template:Create eL4C wiki discussion subpage that can be used to populate the wiki discussions subpage. As an example for eL4C32, we could copy and paste

{{Create eL4C wiki discussion subpage|Number=32}}

(via transclusion) or

{{subst:Create eL4C wiki discussion subpage|Number=32}}

(via substitution) where Number corresponds to the eL4C number into the appropriate workshop page. I have not looked into using this in an input box like the registration. I have created other templates that should make it easier to copy and paste specific discussion subpages into subsequent workshops (see Category:EL4C templates).

Nov. 14

Nov. 17

  • Attempted to add Sanjay to L4C google group. Patricia tried for Gladys but got a "not allowed" message. Gladys does not show up in the user list.
  • E-mailed User:Aescamilla1 via wiki with regards to the missing e-mail address in the registration record. Hopefully, she added one to her WE profile.
  • E-mailed Wayne with regards to participating in workshop live event.

Nov. 18

  • E-mailed welcome message to 39 participants (see above and Nov. 17) from WikiEducator.L4C account
  • L4C google group:
    • Patricia has been able to add Gladys and Sanjay as managers.
    • Changed welcome message to EL4C32 links
    • Could not invite Mary Ziller to L4C google group because her e-mail does not allow managers to invite her.
    • Finished L4C invitations up-to-date with two exceptions (see above and Nov. 17)
    • Invited 5 participants at a time sucessfully.

Nov. 19

  • E-mailed welcome message to another 6 participants (To User:Philipn on participants list) from WikiEducator.L4C account
  • L4C google group:
    • Invited 6 participants to google group (3 at a time).
    • Sent Mary Ziller an e-mail alerting her to the fact that we cannot invite her to the L4C google group because her e-mail does not allow managers to invite her.
    • Invited User:Tlocker to google group -- 47th registered participant :-)
    • Invited User:Nboruett to google group.
  • Welcome e-mail to User:Tlocker bounced.

Nov. 20

  • L4C google group:
    • Add more participants to google group ( up to Sandy Causer)
  • To avoid confusion, add link to all facilitators' userpages on Learning4Content/Registration in addition to the welcome template, participants list, and related workshop pages.

Nov. 21

  • L4C google group:
    • Add more participants to google group ( up to Bernice Adams-joe)
  • Deleted a corrupt version of Saint Lucia flag. Mediawiki commons image replaces it automatically.

Nov. 22

  • Tested google groups (adding and inviting methods) for two of my e-mail addresses by adding or inviting the same time. Both addresses received an e-mail stating they were added to the group or invited to join the group, respectively. Rob Kruhlak 22:47, 21 November 2009 (UTC)
  • Created Template:Wiziq meeting and Template:EL4C32 wiziq meeting. Added
EL4C33 WiZiQ Meeting
Specialties.png Live Event!
November 29, 2009, 10:00 pm PST
Check your time JOIN US

to registration and workshop schedule pages

Nov. 23

Nov. 24

Nov. 27

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