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Workshop Report

The 30th Learning4Content online workshop (eL4C30) was conducted from September 21, to October 2, 2009 under the lead facilitation of Patricia Schlicht. Nellie Deutsch had kindly offered to assist.

Workshop Statistics

  • 123 participants
  • 30 countries
  • 83 women
  • 40 men

Expected Outcomes

The expected outcomes of this workshop were to:

  • share and to teach the use of Wiki technology using WikiEducator's tutorials 1-10 on WikiEducator
  • explore the concept of open source software/technologies including integrated technologies
  • inform about WikiEducator's concept and projects including existing OER content.

Comments and Recommendations

A majority of participants were students from Rajastan Institute of Education (RIE) in Mysore and Bhopal (40), due to an RIE internal attempt to incorporate WikiEducator into their study processes. All students were in the Master of Education Programme. Formal participation was however limited while requests for help arrived in the private email accounts of the facilitators and were handled.

13 participants from the International University of Jamaica were very excited to participate in eL4C30 online training. After registration challenges were overcome with the assistance of the facilitator, participation although keen interest was expressed at several levels, including top management, did not bring the desired results.

Ms. Schlicht recommends a follow up course tailored to the needs of the International University of Jamaica. The incorporation of additional participants from this institution would be a good way to open a new eLearning initiative at the Institute, as it is in the process of establishing elearning preferences and priorities.

13 further participants were educators from New Zealand who came on board following WikiEducator’s and New Zealand’s MOE recent collaboration efforts.

Lessons Learned

A number of participants in this workshop were educational practioners from Universities and Research Institutions for whom this was their first attempt at understanding wiki technology and what comes with the development of OERs. As a result, the OER content development is a new phenomenon if not assisted will result in secondary interest and/or non-pursuit of this opportunity. It needs a follow up. It is important to deepen their interest and guide their efforts, to take them to the next level, and helping them to overcome their resistence and fears, to get involved. In this workshop, some of the issues were:

1. Accessibility to some participants 2. Reluctance to put oneself out there 3. Google technical difficulties for no appartent reason


Although some challenges seem to prevail in relationship to connectivity and participation, the workshop was completed successfully.

  • 7.31 % reached Level 1 Certification (Level 1 Apprentice)
  • 12.19 % reached Level 2 Cerfification (Level 2 Apprentice)
  • 13.82% reached Level 3 Certification (WikiBuddy)
  • 2.43% WikiArtisans were made up from facilitators
  • 46.34% Course participants who either didn't register an account or where non-active
  • 17.88% did not have enough content on their page to be certified

more to come