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This Facilitators Guide to Learning4Content Workshops is a work in progress.


The participants will be nominated by the COL Focal Point representative of the country concerned. It is important to consult with him/her to finalise the list or participants well in advance. It is important to know who the participants will be, what their background and needs are, their IT skills levels and so on.

Make-up of the group

Again, it is the prerogative of the country's COL Focal Point and education officials to select the group. However, it is worth explaining to them that the benefits of the workshop will be most effective with a mixed group from more than one organisation. This will encourage collaboration between organisations and widen the group's perspectives in workshop activities. If need be, additional workshops can be held to meet demand from large organsiations.

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As an example, if the country concerned has, or is developing, a coordinated approach to distance and flexible learning with associated policies, it may be useful to invite representatives from several divisions so that the skills transferred may be linked to official programmes.

Likewise, the non-formal sector may benefit by empowering key champions and "grassroots" educators who can respond quickly to the needs of learners outside the formal education system. In terms of non-formal sector, the outcomes might be surprising and diverse. Imagine a group of farmers who have formed an association to develop new methods and crop varieties, who can post their proven technical procedures on the WikiEducator as open resources for colleagues in other locations. Or a women's collective who want to offer training in weaving, across international boundaries, and thus access markets and new opportunities. Health workers in the field could collaborate to develop training resources and treatment updates based on local knowledge.

Creating a page for the workshop with the Participants List

Create a Wiki page for the workshop and add the participants' details as they become known. The page should link to the Face-to-Face Workshop Schedule for your region, as shown in the example below for Oceania. Note, the page can be linked to the words "Participants List" and the page address should follow the convention Learning4Content/Workshops/Face-to-Face_schedule/L4C3, substituting the appropriate workshop code for "L4C3".

Workshop Dates Registration Status Facilitator Names Host Country Notes
Feb 18-20, 2008

See Participants list

Completed Solomon Islands 1 L4C1 Workshop
March 11-13, 2008 Accepting registrations

See Participants list

Completed PNG 1 L4C3 Workshop

You can now create a page with a table of participants similar to this:

NO. NAME DESIGNATION ORG. EMAIL ADDRESS Learning Content contribution from L4C3
1. Mr. Rhyno Kaitu'u Course Writer ABC College of H.E. (this is where you will link their L4C content contribution)

The quickest way to create the page for the workshop is as follows:

  1. Create a new page linked to the Schedule and using the convention as described above;
  2. Go to a past workshop's page such as Learning4Content/Workshops/Face-to-Face_schedule/L4C3
  3. Open the page for editing at the tab top of page, select and copy the entire wiki code
  4. Open your new page of editing and paste in the L4C3 code
  5. Make edits as appropriate
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Tip: You can also use OpenOffice version 2.3+ to create your page, with a participants table, and then export it as a WikiMedia text file, and copy and paste the code.

Ensuring all Participants have valid email acounts

In order to create a WikiEducator account, it helps to have a valid email address. You will need to communicate to them in advance, and will be joining them to email lists so that they can enjoy follow-up support to the workshops with their fellow L4C alumni. It will save valuable time for this to be all understood and arranged before the workshop.

It is quite common for the occasional typo to creep in during this process, so send an email of introduction early on, and this will help you to correct mistakes.

You can now enter their email addresses into the participants list on the workshop Wiki page.


Join participants to email groups

Contact COL and get made a manager for the following email groups:

Before the workshop, pre-join the participants to the L4C Alumni and regional lists. However, it is good manners to inform all participants directly, that you are doing so, and explaining why the lists will be useful. If they wish not to be on the lists, they can then let you know.

This exercise will also confirm to you that their email accounts are active, and give you some initial feeling for the dynamics of the group.

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Many people will not know how to use email lists or rules. This is worth showing people, briefly, when you mention the lists during the workshop


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